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Which part of your life is out of balance?


Are you spending too much time helping others, and not enough time looking after your own needs? Maybe you're working too hard and not having enough time to have fun and do the things you enjoy. Are you socialising alot but not taking time to rest and recuperate?


When your life is out of balance it can manifest as illness, drama and dysfunction.  If you aren't looking after yourself, then how can you give your best, take care of others, or do a good job?  Your body will soon give you a wake up call to make you take that rest or care you need, maybe by getting ill, or having an injury.  Or if you are over giving to others, without taking care of your own needs, then at some point your subconscious will create drama to try and take back the energy and attention it needs to return to balance.


What does your body and Soul need to return to balance?  Take action to restore your equilibrium.

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