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A Soul Realignment™ Reading includes your Soul Profile (who you are at Soul level - your energies, gifts and talents) and your Soul Realignment, which is major past and present life clearing of negative karmic patterns and blocks and restrictions that prevent you from expressing your Divine nature i.e. who you are.  


This is a profound opportunity to radically shift your current perceptions and experiences, remove limitations and negative patterns, and will assist you in making new choices that align with who you are at Soul level. 


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Two x 1 hour sessions by phone or Skype and a 30 minute follow up session.  Includes  recordings, advice for moving forward and homework.


Please note that this service is best given in the comfort of your own home because it is a long session, with a lot to take in. It is not necessary for us to be in a room together.  You will want time to digest what has been discussed afterwards, rather than focusing on the journey home.


*Please only book this Reading if you are able to speak and understand English.  It is important that we speak together by phone or Skype in order for me to give the best service to you and for you to receive the best value from this Reading.


Please read About the Akashic Records and Frequently Asked Questions before making your booking.

Soul Realignment™

  • A form will be emailed to you shortly after booking to obtain necessary details for the Reading to be carried out.

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